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A warm welcome to the student of subject Business Studies 7115.

We can understand that you are very near and on the very first step of your life to set your direction in the desired field. Straight A’s, a dream of every student, but How? You are at the right place. Here you can download all the examination papers and their marking schemes.

Remember Marking scheme is very necessary as it suggests the standard and expected answers and step by step marking. Getting the correct answer without knowing the required steps does not ensure full marks.

By going through several marking schemes you can get an idea of how to manage the description and detail of the answers. Remember questions may not repeat in O/A levels but idea and concept is surely repeated. So now what you need to do is, download the Marking scheme of Business Studies 7115 from the links shared below for free. Yes, unlike others we set the marking schemes of Business Studies 7115 on a yearly basis.

You will get to start your practice with subject Business Studies 7115 year by year in descending order like 2019,2018,2017……and so on. In this way every previous year will make your grip strong and you will feel it gradually gets easier.

We have uploaded all the latest Business Studies 7115 marking scheme. You can download one or more marking schemes for a previous session. You’ll find it easy by  downloading each Business Studies 7115 marking scheme one by one. In case of missing any Business Studies 7115 marking scheme, you can mail us the missing marking scheme at or you can contact us at for any help.

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Download Business Studies 7115 Marking Scheme (MS) Of (P1) & (P2)

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Sr# Summer Winter
01 Paper 1 Paper 1
02 Paper 2 Paper 2
  • Paper 1 – Summer

Sr# Year (Summer) Download
24 7115_s18_ms_12 Download
23 7115_s18_ms_11 Download
22 7115_s17_ms_12 Download
21 7115_s17_ms_11 Download
20 7115_s16_ms_12 Download
19 7115_s16_ms_11 Download
18 7115_s15_ms_12 Download
17 7115_s15_ms_11 Download
16 7115_s14_ms_12 Download
15 7115_s14_ms_11 Download
14 7115_s13_ms_12 Download
13 7115_s13_ms_11 Download
12 7115_s12_ms_12 Download
11 7115_s12_ms_11 Download
10 7115_s11_ms_12 Download
09 7115_s11_ms_11 Download
08 7115_s10_ms_13 Download
07 7115_s10_ms_12 Download
06 7115_s10_ms_11 Download
05 7115_s09_ms_1 Download
04 7115_s08_ms_11+12 Download
03 7115_s07_ms_1 Download
02 7115_s06_ms_1 Download
01 7115_s05_ms_1 Download
  • Paper 1 – Winter

Sr# Year (Summer) Download
25 7115_w18_ms_12 Download
24 7115_w18_ms_11 Download
23 7115_w17_ms_12 Download
22 7115_w17_ms_11 Download
21 7115_w16_ms_12 Download
20 7115_w16_ms_11 Download
19 7115_w15_ms_12 Download
18 7115_w15_ms_11 Download
17 7115_w14_ms_12 Download
16 7115_w14_ms_11 Download
15 7115_w13_ms_12 Download
14 7115_w13_ms_11 Download
13 7115_w12_ms_12 Download
12 7115_w12_ms_11 Download
11 7115_w11_ms_12 Download
10 7115_w11_ms_11 Download
09 7115_w10_ms_12 Download
08 7115_w10_ms_11 Download
07 7115_w09_ms_12 Download
06 7115_w09_ms_11 Download
05 7115_w08_ms_1 Download
04 7115_w07_ms_1 Download
03 7115_w06_ms_1 Download
02 7115_w05_ms_1 Download
01 7115_w04_ms_1 Download
  • Paper 2 – Summer

Sr# Year (Summer) Download
24 7115_s18_ms_22 Download
23 7115_s18_ms_21 Download
22 7115_s17_ms_22 Download
21 7115_s17_ms_21 Download
20 7115_s16_ms_22 Download
19 7115_s16_ms_21 Download
18 7115_s15_ms_22 Download
17 7115_s15_ms_21 Download
16 7115_s14_ms_22 Download
15 7115_s14_ms_21 Download
14 7115_s13_ms_22 Download
13 7115_s13_ms_21 Download
12 7115_s12_ms_22 Download
11 7115_s12_ms_21 Download
10 7115_s11_ms_22 Download
09 7115_s11_ms_21 Download
08 7115_s10_ms_23 Download
07 7115_s10_ms_22 Download
06 7115_s10_ms_21 Download
05 7115_s09_ms_2 Download
04 7115_s08_ms_2 Download
03 7115_s07_ms_2 Download
02 7115_s06_ms_2 Download
01 7115_s05_ms_2 Download
  • Paper 2 – Winter

Sr# Year (Summer) Download
24 7115_w18_ms_22 Download
23 7115_w18_ms_21 Download
22 7115_w17_ms_22 Download
21 7115_w17_ms_21 Download
20 7115_w16_ms_22 Download
19 7115_w16_ms_21 Download
18 7115_w15_ms_22 Download
17 7115_w15_ms_21 Download
16 7115_w14_ms_22 Download
15 7115_w14_ms_21 Download
14 7115_w13_ms_22 Download
13 7115_w13_ms_21 Download
12 7115_w12_ms_22 Download
11 7115_w12_ms_21 Download
10 7115_w11_ms_22 Download
09 7115_w11_ms_21 Download
08 7115_w10_ms_22 Download
07 7115_w10_ms_21 Download
06 7115_w09_ms_2 Download
05 7115_w08_ms_2 Download
04 7115_w07_ms_2 Download
03 7115_w06_ms_2 Download
02 7115_w05_ms_2 Download
01 7115_w04_ms_2 Download
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